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American Honda Motor Company Inc.

Quality Assurance Analyst, November 2016 - May 2017 

During my time at Corporate American Honda I had the opportunity to work on various projects that have contributed a great amount towards my skill set. I had the opportunity to create a logo for our Reporting and Coding Department, as well as an onboarding packet for newly hired employees coming into the department. Both the logo and onboarding process helped the department to brand themselves and create more of a stronger presence amongst the company. 

I also had the opportunity to launch national partnerships between nonprofit organizations and American Honda. American Honda is currently experiencing one of the largest recalls in the automotive industry called, the Takata Airbag Recall. American Honda has partnered with nonprofits to create more awareness regarding the recall. For every affected vehicle that gets repaired by the nonprofit organization, they received a compensation. Hence, it was a fundraiser incentive for the organization as well. American Honda wanted to expand such partnerships to Houston and Miami where many affected vehicles were located. Two of my colleges and myself worked at finding the top university and organizations in both cities. We were able to successfully launch partnerships between Florida International University and the University of Houston. Those two partnerships still exist with American Honda today.

Reporting and Coding

Onboarding Packet

College Outreach Presentation

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