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Hispanic Students Business Association 

Community Relations Director -  Spring 2016 


February 11, 2016

Genesis Jara and her partner Michael Castillo brought awareness of STDs to the forefront of the student body at California State University, Long Beach through the use of educational games and giveaways. Over 250+ students participated in this marketing campaign, and over 200+ Love kits distributed to students, which contained sexual health information among other resources.  ​

Reflect Against Neglect

March 17, 2016

Genesis Jara and Michael Castillo celebrated cultural diversity by encouraging students to look beyond superficial differences and focus on underlying similarities. Informative, interactive games helped spread the word about how great it is to embrace several international perspectives. #ReflectAgainstNeglect

Midnight Mission

April 08, 2016

HSBA members volunteered by feeding those that are less fortunate and ultimately made a difference in their lives. It was definitely a rewarding experience for all those who attended and a great way to give back to the Los Angeles Community. Michael and Genesis coordinated all of the volunteers. 

St. Baldrick's

April 24, 2016

Genesis and Michael's marketing campaign to raise children's cancer awareness came to full fruition the day of St. Baldrick's event. Speaker Jessica Avila shared her experience with childhood cancer while shavees Luis Carcano, Roberto Jimenez, and Jose Robledo shaved their heads as a way to show unity for the cause. Over $2,700 were raised for St. Baldrick's to raise money for children's cancer research. ​#BraveTheShave

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